After filling in the order form on the apartment lease, you agree to our booking terms.

Within the next 2 hours you receive either a confirmation of your reservation, or an offer of another apartment.

If the reservation is confirmed, we send you a bill and you deposit one-night-stay cost in the way that suits you.

After receiving the payment, we are to confirm the receipt of your money by sending you a confirmation of your booking - this will guarantee your reservation.

Ways of depositing the payments:

  • PayPal — to pay via PayPal you don't have to disclose your credit card — we send you some information about our PayPal and you can pay the bill by yourself.
  • Cash (yourself or through your representative in Kiev).
  • Through international money transfer system Western Union.
  • Transfer to our bank account (currency may be either USD or the national currency of Ukraine).
  • Here in a self-service payment terminal by Visa or MasterCard.