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The apartment is located in the downtown Kiev, 7 minutes away from “Pecherska” station.

The house with this flat in Pechersk district, Kiev, is considered an example of the house-building, typical for the 60-ies of XX century. Therefore, while creating the atmosphere of this apartment, the theme of world’s 60-ies was chosen as a starting point.

This studio apartment strikes with its singularity and brightness. Eye-catching circles on the ceiling, colorful stripes on the walls, furniture of saturated colors make staying here extremely enjoyable. The balcony is glazed with floor-to-ceiling windows which allow to fill the room with the warm sunlight.

In the kitchen you will find everything you need for food storage and cooking, as well as coffee, tea, cream and sugar. A comfortable environment is provided with a nice round table and comfortable sofa.

Grey and white colors help in balancing the riot of bright colors in the interior, and the motley Venetian plaster on the ceiling gives more depth to the space and reflects the patches of light.

In the bathroom, colorful ceramic tiles will cheer you up – it seems as if the patterns were drawn by hand. In the shower stall a little bench will be more than just comfortable, in the bathroom a large hanging mirror and the heated floor will not let you stay indifferent. You can make use of shampoo, shower gel, cotton buds and pads, shower caps, slippers and sewing kit.

This small but very cozy apartment was created for optimists who appreciate the comfort and freedom, and are young at heart.

Heated floor in the bathroom and loggia.

  • Sq.m.: 38
  • Number of rooms: 1
  • Sleeping places: 3

If booking for a long period the price can be below.You can discuss it with the Manager individually.
Callus: +380 68 208-8-208 (24 hours).


  • satellite TV broadcasting, over 500 channels
  • free Wi-Fi
  • air conditioner
  • dishes: plates, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, frying pan, stew pan
  • electric kettle
  • hair dryer
  • iron and ironing board
  • microwave oven
  • telephone
  • refrigerator
  • safe
  • shower stall
  • washing/drying machine
  • heating floor in the bathroom
  • boiler
  • electric-card switch

The apartment is located in the downtown Kiev, 7 minutes away from “Pecherska” station.

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The apartment is located in the downtown Kiev, 7 minutes away from “Pecherska” station.

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The décor of the “Whirl of colors” apartment was designed by the Architectural design studio «R-group».

Look at the information on this apartment on the studio site.

Designer’s opinion on the apartment

This apartment is not that big, but almost every inch is full of design techniques of space extension, its transformation and decoration.

We wanted to make a bright, positive, dynamic interior. So that life in it was happy, comfortable and unusual. Circles and stripes theme refers to the 60th and 70th years of the 20th century, it is an amazing feeling to dip in such an atmosphere for a few days. At the same time all the domestic appliance, furniture and equipment are totally modern. I believe that even living in the 21st century, you should not get carried away by too much stylization and forget about technical progress. But why not let yourself live in the whirl of colors, happiness and pleasant memories when possible?

Alexander RulArchitect-designer, art director of Architectural design studio «R-group»

This apartment has assumed today’s aspect after the renovation, which could be called a struggle with the circumstances. The thing is that we had to “fight” not only the tiny space of a flat, small bathroom and kitchen, but also the massive beams on the ceiling. To improve the quality of life in this apartment, we were to change the design completely by increasing the bathroom through the kitchen, making a balcony completely translucent and reorganizing the living room in a proper way.

Now I am very satisfied with the ceiling, which puts no pressure any more, decorated with colored circles and light.

The bathroom is spacious, bright, illuminated by daylight from the window, the kitchen is compact, convenient, can be completely hidden behind a sliding partition. The balcony has become my favorite place in the interior, because it is so great to sit in the evening with a cup of tea and enjoy the panorama of Pechersk.

This apartment is literally a symbol of optimism, buoyancy and victory over negative circumstances.

Eugenia Rozhkova Architect-designer, director of Architectural design studio «R-group»


  • Transfer: airport — apartment — airport.
  • Car hire with a driver.
  • Parking.
  • Guide service/tour assistance.
  • A greeting in your room: flowers, fruit, champagne, etc.
  • Laundry service.
  • Railway and air tickets booking.
*To know the price for these services, as well as to obtain additional information, please call: +380 68 208-8-208

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